During precarious time in our nation, political leadership matters, especially at the local level. Lately, the Winter Park Commission's lack of judgement and direction has baffled residents, especially in respect to the body's recent tax-hike attempt. A bright light for positive change and opportunity, Sarah Sprinkel embodies the leadership so desperately .needed in Winter Park. Her experience as a public servant and a former educator make her uniquely qualified for the job of Mayor. We sat down with former Commissioner Sprinkel to discuss her agenda if elected mayor. One of her chief goals will be to bring people together by examining problems impacting the whole community. From finding innovative solutions for traffic concerns to lifting up the disenfranchised, Sprinkel takes an approach geared toward advancing the interests of all citizens.

    That also means opposing largescale tax hikes similar to one proposed by city commissioners over the past few months. Sprinkel not only views solving big picture issues as key to a healthy and thriving community, but she also focuses on the smaller dilemmas people often overlook. Like many residents, Sprinkel felt frustrated at the amount of time elapsed between the initial request for heating at the Cady Way Pool and installation. Nearly five years passed before the effort bore fruit. Sprinkel remains dedicated to the idea of efficient government and hopes to curtail problems like these in the future. Another cornerstone of Sprinkel's agenda: budgetary reform and solvency. Her experience in government demonstrates a remarkable history of wise decision-making as well as a vast accumulation of knowledge on the subject of municipal government.

    Nevertheless, as a person of humility, Sprinkel acknowledges the need for every local leader, no matter what background, to listen to the the qualified voices within city government on the majors problems facing the town. In terms of the budget, Sprinkel aims to hear-out the guidelines city experts put into place while taking into account the steps necessary to make the budget structurally sound and more efficient. "We need to trust the people we hire," Sprinkel explained. Perhaps the most exciting element of Sprinkel's campaign: her historic potential to be the first female Mayor of Winter Park. As a woman, Sprinkel feels strongly about the place of women and children in society, as well as family as a whole. "We need to be the community of family and not just culture and sophistication," said Sprinkel. She continued: "We can lift up all families in every part of our community, not just the Vias. Children and family are the reasons our community exists and I hope to put it back in our mission statement......I am a wife, a grandma, a teacher and a servant-leader."

    An educator for fifty years, Sprinkel holds a special sensitivity for the promotion of family and children, teaching a wide array of students from elementary school to the college level at both UCF as an adjunct professor and Valencia as a Child Development instructor. We give Sarah Sprinkel an A+ for her vision and sense of responsibility to everyone in the community. While her rival spends his time making waves, Sprinkel concentrates her efforts on setting course— a course directed toward a better tomorrow for citizens of Winter Park by developing real solutions for the real problems faced by our city. From the large issues such as Coronavirus safety and traffic concerns to providing answers to the small things, her candidacy means a strong voice of leadership for Winter Park and a Sprinkel of sunshine on a commission plagued by inaction.


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