"May She wave as standard forever!" From Valley Forge to the moon and a million places in between, Old Glory waved valiantly as a manifestation of America's greatness. This is especially true among members of our local community. The Stars and Stripes represent not just the freedoms we enjoy, but the people who live in this beautiful country of ours both at the present and in the past. To honor the stupendous accomplishments of this land, we set aside this page. In recent times, as many in our nation burned the flag, vandalized national monuments and destroyed sites of cultural heritage, an army of patriotic citizens gallantly arose to counter these disrespectful displays of iconoclasm. We wish to say thank you to both the individual members of our community and businesses of all sizes for waving the flag. Individuals who place flags on their property and are featured in this section will be entered to win a quarterly prize, usually involving a stay at one of our local Disney World Resorts or a prize of equivalent value during the Coronavirus Crisis. We will announce the winners on the first day of each season (summer, winter, fall, spring).