A one of a kind publication, this newspaper seeks only to protect and enhance the interests of the citizens living in these communities, to become a guardian in a sense of the beauty, the privileges, the freedoms and the challenges which make this area such a desirable and delightful place to live. We have no axes to grind; no particular philosophical or political point of view to expound.


All of us engaged in the newspaper are neighbors or friends of these communities. The editor of The Local News is Marshall Swanson, who has been involved in radio, government, philanthropy and politics for many years. The main reason for the existence of the Orlando Local News is bringing a voice to a wilderness- a wilderness that the lacks a voice, a point of view — or simply lacks the coverage of news, current events and personalities in these communities most wish to hear. Other publications simply have not paid much attention to these residents.


We refuse to submit to the pattern of conformity so prevalent among a majority of news publications in this area: out of touch, out of town corporate newspapers seeking nothing less than to gin up division and ideological propaganda in our homes. The editorial board of this paper will certainly give opinions on matters and topics pertinent to the community represented in this publication. However, we will allow any of those opposed to our point of view a place to voice their opinions, unlike most papers in this area.


no-nonsense reporting