Last month we submitted our choices for Central Florida's August 18th election. And though our wide array of candidates did not cover every race, all our selections won with flying colors, except one. We don't admit to owning a crystal ball, but we wish all of the winners just as much luck governing! In terms of races not covered, we feel it necessary to weigh in on a few honorable (and dishonorable mentions). Though Randy Ross has served Orange County well as Republican State Committeeman, we feel Rich Crotty's election will aid in the rejuvenation of the party in the area. The era of Democratic, one-sided domination witnessed throughout Central Florida has lately spiked to an unacceptable level, and this change will hopefully bring about some breakthroughs in this arena. A perfect example of this monopolization of local politics was displayed in the State Attorney's race, where radical BLM-leaning candidate Monique Worrell swept aside her opponents with ease, including the highly respected and qualified former Judge Belvin Perry. We hope Perry returns to run again and bring moderation to our local government, even as a Democrat.

     From cronyism to Judicial Activism, over the years, our court system seems to have been on a slide in the wrong direction at every level. With the election of Mike Kraynick and Mikaela Nix to the bench, we can be confident that fairness, equality under the law and non-activist decisions will be carried out to preserve the original meaning of the law and preserve the integrity of our judicial process.
     Legislating from the bench sets a dangerous precedent of erroneous decisions based on partisan or ideological objectives. Though this activity has been going on for years in the courts at every level, we feel the election of Nix and Kraynick is a positive sign and a step to help put actions like these in check.
     In addition, we feel Nix and Kraynick to be excellent fits for their offices in terms of their character and dedicated history of doing what is right for their family and community. All to often, elected officials of all offices find themselves mired in scandal and we are grateful that the profiles of these fine individuals will bring honor to the Judicial system and the offices for which Nix and Kraynick ran. Congratulations and good luck to them both!

   Most often people enter public service with good intentions. However over time their character sometimes changes. The great Abraham Lincoln once said, " If You Want to Test a Man’s Character, Give Him Power." The people gave Rick Singh power, and he failed the test. Though his flirtation with graft and scandal did not rise to the level of another elected official in a neighboring county, his use of county property and funds for personal purposes did signify a gross misuse of taxpayer dollars. 
    From trips to India and Spain, to alleged strippers in his office, Singh clearly abused the public trust. While engaging with strippers is unbecoming and certainly not a positive attribute for an elected official, such activity is not new for men in positions of power, but his alleged use of public property to do so set the bar lower than ever before.
    We will never know whether or not his daughter might have made a good judge. However, it is certain the voters identified his behavior and began to question her integrity as well. She may have been an innocent casualty in this election, but perhaps the electorate has begun to realize the folly of political dynasties in both the national and local levels.
    Orange County is "Singh"-ing a new song, and for that we welcome this change. We wish the best of luck to Mr. Singh's successor and will be monitoring closely their progress in office.

   Scott Franklin really knocked out Ross Spano, and we couldn't be happier. Though most of the district resides outside of the Orlando area, we've received many great compliments for our recent endorsement of Spano from Clermont residents and those in surrounding communities.
    Everyone makes mistakes and perhaps after some time Spano may be found fit to return. His brief time and experience in Congress did yield results for his consituents from time to time and for that we are grateful. However, his deceit and concealment of what appeared to be blatant corruption can't be ignored.
     Mr. Franklin is the leader we need. A former Navy pilot and businessman, Franklin knows that going to Washington is about more than just a career. His integrity and record of service convey honor and decency that the constituents in his district can place their faith and trust in.
     We will be closely watching Mr. Franklin through the General Election and whole-heartedly give him our best as he presses on in his fight!


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