Owned by Rollins College, the beautiful Alfond Inn in Winter Park, Florida enchants the hearts and minds of all who enter. The luxurious atmosphere and sophisticated ambience imbue in each visitor a sense of Winter Park's charming persona. The outside façade fits squarely within the quaint Spanish architecture of Rollins College while the interior speaks to modern tastes. But despite all these admirable qualities in the design of the building, guests and convention goers strolling through the hotel may be surprised to find remarkably anti-American artwork on the walls.

The Alfond family facilitated the construction of the hotel from the vast wealth they amassed through their business enterprises. One might certainly think they'd prefer artwork less critical of the country that provided them the opportunity to be so successful rather than seek to flaunt the nation's flaws. Whatever the motive behind their open feelings of contempt for this country, the real responsibility for this disgusting display of anti-American propaganda lies with the Chair of Rollins and the Board of Trustees.


No honest person disputes the existence of the ideological cartel enveloping the American university system today. The reasons behind this one sided take-over go back to pre-war era of the so-called "Red Decade" in the 1930s, but few people cared to address the slow march toward stamping out of all descent on campus. A reasonable person may suggest that the President of the University, Grant Cornwall - a scholar of the anti-American Critical Race Theory - be held accountable for the many ills witnessed in recent years on the campus. In light of his background, the display of this art isn't a surprise. But at the end of the day, the buck stops with the largely Republican Board of Trustees.


For years, local Republican kingpin and former Chair of Rollins Allan Keen, as well as other right wing members of the board, enjoyed a uqniue opportunity to implement changes. Instead, they sat idly by as Cornwall persecuted Christian groups on campus such as CRU, and suspended students speaking up for their faith. "Tolerance for me but not for thee" might as well be the school's new motto. The repression of students' freedom of religion and expression is only a small part of the over-arching culture of anti-Americanism. Unlike most schools, Rollins also does not play the national anthem at their graduation ceremonies.

The inaction displayed by the Board on these issues must be examined and questioned. Why choose to do nothing when you're in a position to make a difference? Sure, good old fashioned patriotism may be a bit corny for Cornwall, but not for most of the American parents sending their students to Rollins. It seems the school's efforts to transform their students into "citizens of the world" overlooked their first duty: to endow them with a sense of national citizenship to their country first.

Of course, the typical response given by faculty and staff to such an accusation simply redefines the word patriotism into something it isn't. But judged prior to academia's forced metamorphasis of the term, Rollins clearly fails to properly educate students as to the essence of patriotism.

We share grave concerns about this nation's future academic trajectory and deeply feel committed to highlighting the ideological monopoly within our own community. Our critique of former Chairman Keen and the Board does not reflect an attack on the institution, but a hope - no, a plea - to live up to the foundations on which the deeply Christian founders of Rollins College sought to enshrine in the school: faith and patriotism.


We can only conclude the reasons for the Board's lackluster response come down to money from left-wing donors. But on the bright side, with the advent of Coronavirus, there is far less of a need to fatten up the school's massive $300 million endowment now that many students will be taking classes from home. Regardless, no amount  of money is worth sacrificing the school's integrity.

Let's do better Rollins!


***Allan Keen did not respond to our requests for an interview. This story will be updated as new information is made available.




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Some of the "Artwork" Displayed at the Alfond Inn

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