Orlando, FL - In a monologue June 1, 2020, Fox News host Tucker Carlson accused President Trump's son-in-law of taking the support of his base for granted: “‘The trailer parks are rock-solid. What choice do they have? They’ve got to vote for us.’" In spite of the common stereotype that all Republicans live in redneckville, this mentality seems to permeate the mindset of many in the Trump administration. One of the greatest ironies of the Trump administration remains the staff picks selected by top officials which is seemingly composed of establishment, think-tank hacks who possess few connections to the constituents they claim to serve. Imagine for a moment, a "law and order" President who frees prisons of criminal offenders, or that same administration blatantly cowering to the whims of Governors refusing reign in the chaos on their streets. But, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, look only at Trump wave his Bible across the street from the White House. Yes indeed, the "trailer parks" may be easy to fool with slick talk and snake oil, but the reality Republican of failure extends beyond just the administration.

    Our US Senators, Rick Scott and Marco Rubio may be the only choices we have as conservatives in Florida. After all, "what choice" do we have? And on the surface they don't seem so bad, until you magnify the fine print. A turning point for many traditional conservatives in regards to these seasoned politicians came during the Super Bowl. Both Scott and Rubio claim to be men of faith and they certainly give lip-service to the idea of Christianity's indelible role in American history. And, as it turns out they do admire certain religious acronyms including WWJD. "What Would Jesus Do?" No, they're thinking of "What Would JLo do?" Shakira and JLo each gave performances during the Super Bowl half-time show closely resembling soft-core porn or perhaps even a strip show at Rachel's. From pole dancing, to twerking, to crotch shoving (in front of children, to say the least), incensed millions of decent and God-loving Christians across the land. Young boys in elementary school learned an important lesson in the objectification of women that night as the show played out on live television. Young girls were taught that empowerment comes in the form of sexualization and male attention.

    For their part in this lesson, our adult Senators applauded the raunchy display of sex in front of children:




Fine Dining

Fine Restaurant

    For a man who posts Bible verses on a regular basis, Senator Rubio must remember this one in Matthew 5 verse 28: "But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart." If this doesn't seem to ring a bell, how about Ephesians 5 verse 3: "But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity... " In fact, a full list of these verses exist online as a part of a Christian resource bank just in case they forgot.

    Only a few conclusions can be drawn from these tweets. First, one possibility might be that Senator Rubio and Senator don't control their twitter accounts and simply tweeted praise as a means to pander to certain communities in a hope to gain some votes. An alternative option, and less savory one, may be the possibility they actually indulge in this behavior and truly feel nothing is wrong with the sexualization of children or the disintegration of morality on live TV.

    Perhaps all this talk of standards on television may be too old-fashioned. Some might even label the criticism racist, or culturally insensitive. But then again, the alleged hero of these Republican bedfellows, Ronald Reagan also criticized risqué dancing quite similar, if not a fraction more benign, than the scenes flashed across live TV that night. In a speech during his tenure as Governor of California, Reagan denounced a UCLA dance which including sexual movements and nudity. 


    I am not personally a religious person, but the absence of personal substance these two men enjoy should be a source of concern for anyone focused on honest government. In a small way, this episode revealed the sad truth lying just beneath the surface: whatever the motives might be behind the sentiments of Scott and Rubio, the kind of disingenuous pandering highlighted by this event demonstrates either a complete lack personal character or dishonesty at an unprecedented level. If they can't uphold their own religious standards, how can the citizens of this country and residents of this state expect them to enact public policy that advances the causes for which they were elected?


The Senators' offices did not respond to an inquiry for a response this article's content.




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