The Good News of Hope for Refugees in Need

    Tabsir in Arabic means "good news" and that's just what the Tabsir Fund brings to Christian and minority refugees in the most dire need. In Hitler's Germany millions of Jews met the terrible fate of the Holocaust with barely any support from the outside world until US and allied forces liberated the concentration camps. The ruthless murder of Jews and similar minority groups by Hitler reminded all men and women of good will the need to protect the defenseless.

    Christians, Yezidis and their minority counterparts in the Middle East remain a highly persecuted set of groups by Islamic extremists. As if the ravages of war weren't enough, Christians and other minority groups in the region face pinpoint genocide and direct attacks at the hands of terrorists unlike anywhere in the world. Though much of the war in Iraq closed out in the past several years, conflict still continues in Syria, Yemen and areas of North Africa.

    At the height of the Islamic State's ascendance, Orlando Local News Editor Marshall Swanson sought to benefit these persecuted groups in the form of materials and supplies. Most Christians fled the Nineveh Plains for the Kurdish city of Erbil as ISIS conquered each succeeded town to the west. Once in safety, the need for basic living materials amplified as governments failed to meet the demands the crisis placed on the refugees. Though many American organizations stepped up to the plate, Swanson set about organizing a supply chain to bring aid to refugees in the city. Making several trips to Iraq, supplies were brought to thousands with the generous support of both sponsors from his radio show and the kind support of local business owners and philanthropists.

    Later, the project expanded to Lebanon and elsewhere in the Middle East. Lebanon and select areas of Syria both witnessed a heavy influx of refugees, especially Christians. For several years in a row, Swanson's effort  in Lebanon distributed toys to refugee children during the Christmas season, in addition to much needed supplies for basic necessities. The war still rages on in Syria and Yemen, though as a whole seems to be winding down. However, the economic ramifications of the conflict continues in addition to persecution at the hands of radical extremists. Based on his years conducted both philanthropy and research in the Middle East, Swanson understood the importance of extending the Tabsir Fund beyond just a few years. A special charity from time to time serving the needs of these communities will be selected as a suggested vessel for your charitable or tithing purposes.

    We thank you for participating with The Orlando Local News in this noble cause and applaud your generosity and care for those in the most desperate need.



A message from Grady Pickett:

The Middle East has been a challenge for a long time. We all know what the problems are.  Fortunately, we have some answers. The Pickett Fund goes to Faith Frontiers, our registered non-profit in the USA and N. Iraq.

My family and I have been living here in Iraqi Kurdistan for 7 years. Five different wars have happened around us and we’ve stayed.  We have been helping the Syrian Kurdish and Christian refugees since they started to flood into Iraq 5 years ago.  Near our house is the Basirma Refugee Camp and Ashti 2 Camp.  

Since winter 15' we started a feeding project for 80-90 children refugees.  Six days a week they get a hot meal at the kindergarten.  

We had a bread project and for  1 1/2 years with your help 700 loaves a day were baked, 21,000 a month, & over 320,000 were baked for refugees since we started!   Food aid is dwindling and the refugees are living on about $12 per person per month from the World Food Program. 

Extra money that came in also bought 400 blankets last winter, many packs of diapers, powdered milk, and 500 backpacks for refugee school children.  We  also housed 3 refugee families in one house and some expensive medicines were also bought.   We did a Kerosene distribution for 90 refugee Christian families with little to no heat.  We spent $8000 on that.  Thank-You for your help!  God Bless you all!



                                                                                        Grady Pickett and family

Other random refugee aid shared:
-Repaired a refugee home that blew up due to a gas leak
-Paid wages to refugees for helping us.
-Bought a hot water heater for a refugee.
-Bought food for the new Christian protection forces recruited from the refugee population.
-Bought $2000 of Diesel for generators at the camps
-Bought $1200 of chlorine for the water supply at one camp.
-$100 of plastic chairs bought for refugee school
-Summer wages paid for 7 teachers at kindergarten
-Vegetable seeds distributed for gardens
-$25 cash aid to 90 refugee families
-12 kerosene heaters for refugee school
-1 air conditioner for a grandma in the camp
-300 pairs of shoes shared with refugees

We are from Colorado Springs, CO and Merrill, MI. USA
Feel free to contact us for more information.